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About Our Project

Our project comprises of two multilingual websites, is the main marketing & outreach platform. provides multiple functions, information & tools to help operate the hubs once formed.

Phase 1 was the pre-funding work done to establish the websites and developing the initial concepts of our Fund 7 proposal.

Phase 2 was the first Catalyst funded part of our project where we requested a contribution towards the overall cost of further development and attracting the first community hubs projects.

Phase 3 which is also part-funded in Catalyst Fund 8, is where we will be focusing on outreach to attract the maximum number of new community hubs and building the Cardano Community.

Cardano™ is a trademark of Cardano Foundation, CHE-184.477.354, Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, in Switzerland and other countries

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Cardano Community

Visit the website:

Visit the Website:



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