Carl Henry Global SA specialises in UK Property (Real Estate) employing our four divisions Finance, Property, Internet, Corporate.

We focus on UK Property and supply deals in the United Kingdom and around the world, to support this we offer Trading, Investment, Development, Refurbishment & Management services in the UK.

We achieve better than average profits because we target UK Property problems, normally as principals and find innovative solutions, we also get involved in turnarounds and deal rescue situations – this is achieved by applying the skills gained since 1978. Whatever a transaction requires we quickly and very efficiently analyse the deal to find the best way forward, which is key to a fast turnaround, and identify the most profitable way forward.

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UK Property Specialists





We started our Finance Division in 1985 to deal with our own in-house requirements and offer mortgage & lease finance throughout the United Kingdom, over the years we have been involved in the financing of many UK Properties ranging from £35,000 to multi-million pound deals and developed a wide range of financial contacts and abilities. We also offer to match investor’s funds with suitable transactions In the UK. Read more...

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Financial Engineering for UK Property





Since 1980 we have been active investors and traders in UK Property and Real Estate in the European Union and the Middle East. We now focus our operations on British property and use the internet to make buying, trading, developing and managing UK Property more efficient within Britain and for international investors worldwide. Read more...

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Supplier of Profitable UK Property Deals




We launched our first eCommerce website in 1998 offering UK Company formations internationally, over the years we have become involved in every aspect of the internet, online marketing and social media. We specialise in eCommerce and systems automation, focusing on the requirements of the UK Property industry, after building 1,000's of websites we have become experts. We have a large team of skilled employees who are highly knowledgeable about every aspect of website and application construction, development, management and online marketing. Read more ...

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UK & International Websites & Online Marketing





We have been forming and managing running companies in Britain and worldwide since 1981. We are able to form companies in the UK and internationally with banking facilities for most operational requirements although we now focus on corporate structures most suitable for holding and dealing in British property for UK residents and international investors. Read More..

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UK & International Formations & Management




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"Carl Henry Global is a conglomerate of online businesses, "Global" not only means worldwide activities but also indicates that this website links to most of our activities. Since 1978 Carl Henry has been involved in a very wide range of professions & business industries, starting well before the internet was invented. Seeing the obvious benefits of the online world Carl Henry published his first eCommerce website in 1998"

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