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The British government are really focused on stimulating housing development to solve the massive shortfall in annual targets, they have just announced a £7 Billion fund to be allocated to small and medium sized property developers. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for property companies and JV investors.

Why is there a 100,000 short fall in housing development?

Skill shortage

For years the number of people entering the building industry has reduced, especially apprentices, so the necessary skills are not available locally.

Building materials shortage

The humble ‘brick’ is in short supply, the house builders material of choice, and it is hardly the best thermal material!

Land-Banking by larger house builders

It is widely denied and studies by the Housebuilding Federation try to prove this is not a factor, but it remains a fact that the biggest home builders own a great deal of undeveloped land. The management have a duty to earn the biggest possible profit from their land stock which limits their options.

Slow planning permission process

The large house builders say that this is the reason they cannot develop much of the land they hold, but the problem stems from the fact that the developments are so vast and complex they literally change the entire landscape and local property economy.

We have the answers!

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